Should You Supplement With Creatine?

Creatine has been one of the most popular health supplements of the last few decades, and with good reason – very few supplements have the same kinds of conclusive research in to their effectiveness. Creatine is one of the few sports supplements that works as advertised – but what exactly does it do?

Creatine is essentially a fuel source for ATP, which works to deliver energy to the body in short bursts. The result is an increased capacity to perform high intensity exercise, which will ultimately lead to increased muscle size and workout performance if performed on a regular basis.

Without going in to the specifics of how the body produces energy, producing energy during periods of high intensity activity would not be possible without the natural creatine that is in our bodies. Supplementing your diet with additional creatine has been shown to increase the amount of energy available, and is a key reason why it’s so popular with athletes and bodybuilders.

Another key benefit of the supplement is the ability it has to help improve the recovery process. It has been shown to reduce the amount of damage caused to muscle tissue by high intensity exercise, and it also works to help improve the ability of the body to recover when the muscles are damaged. The result is a reduced recovery period, ultimately allowing you to train harder and more often.

Creatine has also been shown to increase muscle volumisation, as it contains a property which causes muscles to ‘inflate’. This helps stimulate protein synthesis, which ultimately helps the body deliver protein to the muscle to help them repair and grow, and also helps to provide a more muscular appearance – never a bad thing!supplements 1

Many people experience some scale weight gain during the first couple of weeks of creatine supplementation, but this is largely caused by additional water retention in the muscles. Water is able to travel more rapidly from the bloodstream to the muscle tissue, ultimately leading to higher bodyweight. The weight will disappear if and when supplementation is stopped.

Beyond the fitness benefits of creatine, it has also been shown to have a positive impact on brain function. It was found that creatine is an effective neuroprotectant, and is thought to help protect the brain against the free radicals, peroxides and oxygen ions that are thought to be behind various neurodegenerative conditions. Creatine was also linked to an improvement in short term memory in a placebo controlled study on vegans.

Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to get the optimal amount of creatine through diet alone. Creatine supplements generally provide around 5g of creatine a day, and to get the same amount eating beef (one of the foods highest in creatine) you’d have to eat around 2.5lbs every day, which is approximately 2800 calories. Safe to say creatine supplements are the healthier (and cheaper) solution!

How to Become a Personal Trainer in Enlgand

The formal work-place has been linked to the surge in lifestyle diseases resulting in quest for fitness amongst the masses whether one is a professional athlete or he just want to be fit. This has seen the prospects of being successful as a personal trainer, here in Manchester, mouth watering as the industry is set to boom in the next few years, if the current trend is anything to go by. To mitigate on this likely event a number of personal training facilities have been put in place and they offer courses at different levels for any enthusiast in personal training to choose from. Here is what qualifications you would need and the various personal trainer courses everyone is now required to have.

1. Certificate in Personal Training

The syllabus here encompasses human physiology, nutrition (which is meant to help you have good understanding of human body) and fitness centre management. Upon completing the course you will be awarded with a Level 3 certificate. The good thing about this course is its rigorous approach that will equip you with theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills.

2. Level 3 Personal Trainer certificate

personal trainer coursesThe program is not quite different from the certificate in personal training program only that it focuses primarily on postural stability, lifestyles and how to maximize the benefits of physical training. you are also bound to be equipped with equipment handling skills that will enable you to train your customers safely and take the shortest possible duration to meet the customers’ goals. When you are through with the training, you will be qualified to handling clients with age body type or any other factor not withstanding.

3. Diploma in Personal Training

At this level you will be trained on how to interact with clients to establish their personal training goals. The program is very extensive and is good for both beginners and professionals. It is designed such that you can start from scratch or build on your level 2 gym instructor certificate.

4. Advanced Diploma in Personal Training.

This is an internationally recognized course that will equip you with skills set above the basics of personal training. As a learner you will be given special equipment and be exposed to e-learning recourses to ensure that you graduate when not only ripe enough to start your own personal training business but also capable of training the most exclusive client. This is accompanied by unparalleled support that will make you the pest personal trainer in the market.


5. Diploma in Teaching Yoga

Most of fitness needs have shifted from physical to mental owing to changes at work place as well as homes which have piled a lot of mental pressure on majority of Manchester residents. This has led to the rise in demand for yoga within and without town. For you to enroll for this course you are required to have at least completed a level 2 certificate. This is mainly because the course focuses on yoga and not any other aspect of personal training. As a student you will receive training on different types of yoga as well as breathing movements associated with yoga.

Fun And Fitness Through Sports

I’m a big fan of sports in general. I love playing and watching equally. Ironically I like to watch sports which I don’t really play that much. For example, I love watching cricket and soccer but don’t really play them at all.

My favorite sport is badminton. I play about twice a week at a local club. Mainly doubles but occasionally singles too. They are surprisingly different in style and speed; doubles is about quick reactions and awareness of your partner. Singles is much more about your fitness, flexibility and technique in my opinion. Did you know that badminton is the fastest racquet sport? The shuttle can reach up to 200 mph on occasions.


Swimming is also a favorite of mine. I try to go about twice a week but often only go once. I swim about 40 lengths at a time and only do front crawl and a bit of breast stroke. I find this is great for stretching and developing all my muscles and really good for core stability. I used to have asthma and swimming has really helped this settle. I think it has completely gone over the last 10 years.

I also love table tennis or ping pong if you prefer. Really getting the hang of spinning the ball and smashing anything high on the table. It can also be surprisingly tiring playing too! You have to be pretty nimble on your feet to get yourself around the table quickly in little time.

Pool and snooker are other games I like playing. I think it is something to do with my mathematical background. Again I find spinning the ball and trying to control its motion using these techniques. It has taken me a long time to become good at learning how to do this, but I am improving slowly!

My favourite game to watch is cricket (although I’m terrible at playing!). It’s been a good year to be a cricket fan so far and it looks like England will win the Ashes for the first time in several years.


Below is Ian Bell, a wonderful English sportsman looking cool in a pair of Bolle sunglasses.

sports sunglasses

After the game has ended, don’t walk straight to the clubhouse or perhaps bar. Perform few cool down exercises to steadily launch tension and transition to less activity. You have lesser sore muscle groups and less solidity should you choose. Sports activities requires responsible preparation and follow-through.

Participating sports is a fantastic way to get and stay physically fit and to receive an active, interesting sociable way of living. Sports activities allows you to be more effective ,people thinking about health and fitness

The greatest point dealing with sports activities is the fact you get a nice workouts while you’re having a great time. Stay healthy and fit